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WHMIS 2015

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) provides comprehensive health and safety information on the safe use of hazardous products in Canadian workplaces. This course offers an overview of the WHMIS 2015 changes, including the updates to hazard classification, hazard labels and safety data sheets. Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of suppliers, employers and employees; physical and health hazards encountered in the workplace; and controls for eliminating or minimizing exposure to hazardous materials.


Who should receive education and training?


  • If you may be exposed to a hazardous product due to your work activities

  • You use, store, handle or dispose of a hazardous product

  • You supervise or manage other workers who may be exposed, or use, store, handle or dispose of a hazardous product

  • You are involved in emergency response

Learning Objectives

  • What is WHMIS

  • Responsibilities

  • Classification of hazardous products

  • Labels

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Putting WHMIS into action


This is a 2-4 hour training course depending on your level of exposure.


Within the CRD price is $45-75 per student .  Minimum class size required.  Group rates available.  Call or email us today to book this training, or check the calendar below for upcoming dates.

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